Käsitys ry is the student organisation of Craft Science and Craft Teacher students in the University of Helsinki.

What does a student organisation do?
Käsitys ry's main purposes are to promote the professional, juridicial and social interests of the craft students, and to partake in improving the programme of Craft Science and Craft Teacher Education. The organisation does its part so that the students' voices are heard and rights respected, i.e. by attending meetings with programme staff and faculty members, by keeping in touch with other organisations and  by examining obscurities and students' concerns regarding their studies. Käsitys ry also organises diverse assortment of events, functions and parties during the academic year, and maintains the craft students' own space in Aurora.

Who can become a member?
All students, who are studying Craft Science and Craft Teacher Education in the Faculty of Educational Sciences in the University of Helsinki, either as their main or secondary subject, can become members of the organisation. The membership is valid for one academic year. The membership fee for the year 2021–2022 is 6 euros.
Fill in the membership form here (form in Finnish).

The student organisation is run by a board that consists of 7–14 board members and an unlimited number of active members, who each attend to their own area of responsibility. You can find the information of the sitting board here (site in Finnish). The board meetings are organised approximately every three weeks, and all members of the organisation are welcomed to join a meeting. Follow Käsitys ry on social media to find out about the dates and times of the meetings.
You can join the board as a member of the board in either one of the organisation's annual meetings or as an active member (Fin. toimihenkilö) at any time by sending an informal application via email.

What about other organisations?
As students in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, all members of Käsitys ry are automatically members of the faculty organisation Condus ry.
More information about student organisations functioning under the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) can be found here.
The Teacher Student Union of Finland, SOOL, is a national organisation for all teacher students in Finland. To qualify for SOOL's membership, you need to be a member in one of the member organisations functioning under SOOL.

Find us on
Campus at Siltavuorenpenger 10, 00170 Helsinki
Instagram @kasitysry

Contact us via email: